Services - Asterisk/ LAMP/ LAMR Systems Monitoring

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For either a hosted Asterisk™ PBX solution, your Linux/ Apache/ MySQL/ PHP (LAMP), or Linux/ Apache/ MySQL/ Ruby-Rails (LAMR) servers, you need to know fast when your critical IT infrastructure is experiencing issues. Wether it is remotely hosted, or in your company server room, JKL5 can help put your mind at ease.

JKL5 technical staff can provide remote monitoring of your critical IT infrastructure systems to ensure that you know things "just work". CPU load, memory usage, disk-space available, number of calls in progress, as well as whatever custom metrics you require, can all be metered, monitored and alarmed.

If there is a problem, we can either alert your technical staff responsible for your systems or we can “just handle it”. Either way, you know that your critical IT infrastructure systems are always ready to service your valued customers and users.

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